Just in time for summer, I have a new design! I was so happy to collaborate with Kemper of Junkyarn for this project. I used her Boss Sock base in the colorway “Marie Antoinette”. Kemper’s yarns are so fascinating to me because they are all named after women! It’s easy to spend hours just reading the tags on her yarns and learning about real and fictional women who have made an impact on her.

Vigée is an open cardigan, featuring a modified garter stitch pattern. It’s constructed in a modular fashion with two rectangles forming the collar and back piece, while stitches are picked up and working in the round.

I chose to name this project after the official portrait painter of Marie Antoinette. Mme. Vigée Le Brun was an interesting and talented woman who painted the Queen over 30 times during her reign. I thought she was the perfect person to honor with this design. Her portraits of the Queen are some of her most famous works, but I found myself very drawn to her self-portraits as well. Including this one titled: “Self Portrait in a Straw Hat” 1782

Vigee is now available on Ravelry. You can see more photos and read more details here. Also Junkyarns is offering dyed-to-order kits! Check out her shop here.

Photos were taken by my dear friend Olive & West Photography at the Marshall High Studios in Marshall, NC.