I am happy to say that 2016 is over! Happy New Year and hooray for ending this “Year of the Sweater” on a high note. I made it to 15 sweaters, although just barely. I was binding-off and weaving in ends until 10:30pm on December 31st. For my last sweater of the year I decided to knit myself another Rocquaine. The bright yellow version I knit for the magazine is still at the Pom Pom headquarters for a while longer, and I thought it would be nice to have my own in the meantime. I chose a neutral color because one thing I’ve learned this year is that neutral sweaters are much more versatile in my wardrobe. I also picked a wool/silk blend so that I could wear the sweater in more seasons. The Cascade Roslyn yarn is so drapey and soft, I couldn’t resist it.


I made a few changes to my pattern and also a few changes to the way the sweater is constructed. Since the yarn is thinner than the Local Color Fiber Studio Rambouillet yarn I used for the sample, I went down a few needle sizes. I used US 4 for the main body and US 3 for the ribbing. Because of the difference this made in my gauge I adjusted and made a larger size sweater.


I started with the provisional cast-on and then immediately worked the Chart pattern, skipping the main part of the body. Once I finished the top front and back, the sleeves and collar I picked up the provisional cast-on and knit down to the bottom ribbing. I added some decreases to this section so the bottom would be a bit tapered. I made the ribbed edge 3″ on both the front and back.


I’m really happy with how it turned out and more importantly I’m happy to say good-bye to 2016. I’m compiling my thoughts about this year. I have learned so many new techniques and really zeroed in on my favorite features and ways of constructing sweaters. In the meantime I will be happy to take a short break from sweater-knitting and get my hands on some smaller projects.

Currently in my queue: The Richland Mitts by Jennfier Sadler, Cardamom Coffee Hat by Caitlin Hunter and Pixel Rise Socks by Kemper Wray