After hitting my (amended) goal of 13 sweaters, I still had more than a month left in the year. I decided to push myself to see just how many more I could squeeze in before I say hello to 2017.


My husband ended up loving his Dreams of Aran sweater so much, he has been wearing it nearly everyday. With the thought in mind to knit him a more rugged sweater that he can wear while chopping wood, or working on the car I landed on Adirondack by Elizabeth Morrison.


It’s a looser fit, with a broken rib pattern. I chose a marled yarn to make it even more durable- Lionbrand Fisherman’s Wool in Oak Tweed. If he marks it up with oil or dirt, it’ll be barely noticeable.


As I did with his sweater before, I followed the directions for the size Medium, but knitting to the length suggested for the Large. I only made a few changes: I made the ribbing at the bottom hem, sleeve cuffs and collar a 1×1 rib, and I decreased 4 times around the collar to make sure it ended up a bit tighter.


Because this was my husband’s Christmas gift I had to work in secret, which always slows my work down. However, I still think I made good time, finishing this sweater in 4 weeks.

SinceĀ I was making great time, I thought I would really go for it and tack on one last sweater. I decided to start another Rocquaine. So far I’m about a third of the way done, with just about a week left in 2016. If I can finish it, that will make 15 sweaters for my Year of the Sweater! Wish me luck!