After 10 months of challenging new techniques, designing and cables that never ended I decided my 12th sweater of the year should be something easy. Out of all the sweaters I have made this year I wear my open cardigan, Old Town by Carol Sunday, the most. I think the open cardigan really suits our warmish, coolish mix of weather here in Western North Carolina. I picked Big Sister by Kate Oates for both of these reasons, I needed something simple to help me pass my 12th sweater mark, and I wanted another open cardigan. I was very interested in the longer length of the cardigan and also the linear quality of the vertical and horizontal lines achieved by combining garter stitch and ribbing.


I had purchased a sweater’s worth of Snoqualmie Valley Yarn from Tolt Yarn and Wool, natural dyed with red cabbage by Local Color Fiber Studio in May. I had intended to use it for another project, but as I settled more on the idea of knitting Big Sister, I decided the neutral color was perfect.


I made no changes to the pattern at all. I decided to knit the sleeves before beginning the body, so that I would be able to use all my remaining yarn and make it as long as possible. The naturally dyed yarn is beautiful and almost has a purple-ish, silver quality. I should have thought about alternating skeins so I wouldn’t get so much pooling, but it actually doesn’t bother me at all. I like the changes in color from one skein to another.


This was the perfect sweater to round out my 12 sweater goal. No hassle, no charts. Of course since I’ve decided to make it a baker’s dozen I’ve chosen Adamantine by Erica Knits which is cable heavy, because I wasn’t going to let myself off that easy. I’m using yarn I purchased at SAFF from Bovidae Farms. You can read more about them in one of my previous blog posts. There aren’t a lot of project notes for my Big Sister, but you can view my Ravelry project page here. I’m trying to squeeze one more sweater in this year, but for now that one is a secret.