Last winter I noticed a submission post on the website for one of my favorite knitting publications, Pom Pom Quarterly. I took a stab and submitted a few designs I had been thinking about. The process of submitting was actually a little bit more involved than I had expected. All of the requirements forced me to think my idea through very thoroughly, which I have to admit I hadn’t always considered when drafting new ideas for patterns in the past. I found the condition that I needed to sketch the design as it would be worn so helpful in fully visualizing how the design would function and how the shaping would appear when in use. This is something I have started to include in all of my designing ever since.

Post 9 Pompom

I got the idea for the ‘Roquaine’ pullover when I was in the beginning of my “2016 Year of the Sweater” challenge. While exploring all the different ways to construct a sweater, I started to have some ideas about updating the gansey style of sweater. The gansey is a historic and traditional style of patterning fisherman style sweaters and other knitwear. (Read more about them here). I decided to take some of those traditional patterns and update the shape and style. I cropped the body and added split ribbing at the bottom, longer in the back and shorter in the front. I also included an I-cord neckline in the design, which might be one of my favorite features. It makes the neckline so much more feminine, and creates the opportunity for dressing the sweater up or down.

The Autumn issue which features my design is now available for pre-order in print or digital. The beautiful photos I have shared below, which will accompany a full instructional pattern in the issue, were photographed by Rachel Hayton.


Post 9 Pompom(2)

Post 9 Pompom(4)

The theme of the Autumn issue is Naturally Dyed yarns, and I was lucky to be able to use some beautiful, soft and luscious marigold dyed yarn from Local Color Fiber Studio. The Rambouillet DK I used for my sweater was bouncy and soft, but held the detail of the gansey pattern so well, exactly what you want for a warm fall sweater. Emily’s yarn made this project truly come alive in such a vibrant, yet natural color.

Post 9 Pompom(5)

Post 9 Pompom(3)

Keep an eye on the Pom Pom group on Ravelry and the project page for this design because a KAL is definitely in the future!