A few weeks ago my friend Jesse suggested that our yarn choices can operate like a mood ring. At first thought this made me smile, because like most kids in the 90’s I had a cheap adjustable mood ring that nearly always showed an iridescent color somewhere between blue (happy) and green (envy). I never could seem to get a different color to display. One time I put the mood ring in the fridge for ten minutes before replacing it on my left pointer finger and saw that ominous black for about 30 seconds before the color faded back to blue.

Post 5 Mood Yarn (1)If yarn can work like a mood ring, what would it say about us knitters, weavers and fiber artists? I am consistently drawn to the more natural hues of fiber, creams, browns and greys, but I think this has more to do with my appreciation for the animal or plant producing the fiber than an indication of my mood. As a fiber artist I am constantly attracted to the natural state of fiber. However, when I look at my color choices, I can’t help but think these choices are more mood related. My stash is in a constant state of flux as yarns come and go, but right now I’ve noticed quite a lot of greens. In fact, 3 of my WIPS right now are three very different hues of green.


Post 5 Mood Yarn

Does this mean my mood is envious? Probably not. Living in western North Carolina this time of year I do feel myself craving that green landscape. We’re just stepping into spring here and while we have some daffodils, a few blossoming trees and smaller patches of grass here and there, our large expanses of trees are still bare. Maybe that desire for growth and rejuvenation makes me gravitate to green.
What colors dominate your stash? What do you think they say about your mood?


Post 5 Mood Yarn (2)

Post 5 Mood Yarn (3)