Every since my “Year of the Sweater” ended much of my knitting has been leisurely. With the exception of a few patterns I released earlier this year I’ve been choosing projects to learn new skill, or just because they look fun. This is a very different approach than last year, when I was trying hard to meet and exceed my own silly goals.

I started with a test knit for Natasja Hornby. The mosaic colorwork of her Maan shawl pattern really caught by eye. I had never tried Mosaic knitting before and I thought being a part of a well organized test group would be a real learning experience for me (and it was!)

I knit my Maan shawl in Knit Picks Cotlin for a beachy-summery sort of shawl, I’ve already worn it as a poncho, pinning it at my shoulder a few times and it is perfect.

I’m looking forward to how the cotton/linen blend wears in as I tote this thing around to beaches and parks over the next few months. You can see more details of my shawl here.

Next I FINALLY made a move to learn some brioche. I picked the seriously tame Boho Blush shawl by Andrea Mowry which includes just a few small sections of one-color brioche. I used The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers Rocky Mountain Purls in Buffalo Gal, the most subtle, dusty rose color with just the faintest specks of dark pink and orange. It’s so much prettier in person, these photos do not do it justice.

I’m not sure why I felt so intimidated by brioche, it might be all the super bright, neon and speckles that are really popular right now, but aren’t really in line with my own aesthetic. I’m glad I made the effort to learn though, because it was easier than I expected and really fun!

I love the squishiness of brioche, and with the lace sections and fringe, this shawl turned out to be so fun, I found myself waving my arms around and singing Stevie Nicks songs when I put it on for the first time.  You can see more details of my shawl here.

Finally, for my first sweater of 2017 (not of my own design) I chose Tegna by Caitlin Hunter. Best decision ever, this summer sweater is so perfect and fits me so well I’ve already worn it tons. I used some Katia Cotton Cashmere yarn I had left in my stash from last summer, so I already knew I would love it.

Tegna is so simple yet so timeless. The lace edge at the bottom and drop/sloped sleeves make it sorta fancy, yet relaxed. I’m glad I knit my first in a neutral color because it’s already getting a whole lot of wear but I’m scheming up what my second Tegna will be like. I’m really inspired by sudderutt’s cardigan version! All the heart eyes.

You can see more photos of my first version of this sweater here.

Currently on my needles: way too many new designs for fall and winter // and socks, always socks.