I recently finished and released a design I had been dreaming about since February. I can’t think of anything as satisfying as visualizing something and then being able to work all the way through that idea to a real pattern than others can knit and enjoy.

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I first submitted the design in the Spring for an open call for patterns, and when it wasn’t selected I sort of lost confidence in my idea. After a little time had passed I picked it up again and decided to move forward anyway. I reached out to a couple of test-knitters and worked with them to get the color work charts correct.

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I still feel on the fence about using test knitters. Sometimes the benefits outweigh my concerns, and this project was one of those times. It was important that my directions were clear so that every knitter would be at the right stitch count for each color work section.

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To add to my delight a new friend of mine Olivia took me and my new project out to a beautiful waterfall and offered to photograph it for me. The pictures are probably the best I’ve ever had of any of my designs. She did a fabulous job and really has an eye for hand made items as well as beautiful scenery. You can see more of her work here.

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The shawl pattern is available now on Ravelry.